Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Move on..

Salam.. Hows going on there..Me? I'm not in mood these couple days.. Quite regret with everything that I've done..but I realize there's no use 'to cry over a spill milk'... What already happen was so impossible to change..so, with the life that I still on.. I'm going to start all over again.. maybe being in that position are only dream and the reality and truth was waiting me in front...By the way, good luck to everyone who smile this day..and for those who cry..never mind..just let it go of all your sadness..coz, that cries will make you feel much better and realize hows life are very challenging and you need to be aware next time.. Maybe today you smile and someone cry..but maybe someday that 'someone's life will  be happy and yours kinda wavy..

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