Monday, 16 April 2012

Problem?? Don't waiting outside the lines!!

Salam.. and hello..it's been such a long time I didn't post anything in this blog..actually I got nothing to post..hmm..same ordinary life.. Each is the same.. First I woke up..bath..eat...watch tv.. online.. sleep again.. wrestling..hehe.. hmm..yup..same and boring..right?.. This is me.. I'm not such a popular girl like everybody else..I mean.. Always get text messages..notification on fb.. retweet..and so on..I'm just someone who never knew what really happen in outside of the world..I'm kinda living inside my box..huhu.... I'm afraid to go further.. Basically you can count my friends.. Well.. I have my justcool group which consisting of 7 person.. I have my block B friends..9.. My classmate friends 10..so.. hmm.. I guess there's nothing left.. oh..I does have more.. but only in this online thing.. actually..that's why I create fb, blog.. I doesn't know how to search and how to make friends.. half of the person I know will only talk to me from the internet..like an old friend.. weird right?.. I guess everybody experience the same situation..I think on the first place..this would be better..But apparently..it is not..I still feel such invisible and neglected.. Is this ok.. or maybe I'm facing some serious disease.. Well I hope not..  Maybe for most of you..searching for friends is like eating an apple..but for me..hmm..I took time like forever.. All things that make me feel that I can make a friend just in this square thing..even it is not.. living in fairy tale..imagination.. like your not belong in this world..The truth is I have difficulties in starting conversation.. well I'm very close to those who already becoming my friends..but with a new one..I'm shaking.. I would like to share to you my experience at my ex-workplace.. approximately, I make about 6 new friend there..but none of them still contact with me..No further relationship..like go hang out together.. sharing life activities..It's like I never make any friend there..jealous..that's all I can say..even a new worker could be such a good friend to all of the citizens there..but me??..I work there like for two months..but I have nothing to remember about.. so sad..sorry if I'm too emotional.. I just want to share my devastated to someone..I mean somewhere even there's nobody going to understand or maybe read this.. I don't care I still want to type.. When will I can overcome my problem.. I feel lost sometimes.. somehow I think it's ok to have such a small group of friends but when I grown up like this..I understand that this life need sooooo many FRIENDS.. to share, to laugh, to cry..to smile..to give..to listen, to accept..ohw..such a pity life right? well thats my problem what yours?

p/s:Don't be me ok.. just go for it..please..


sizziey darliana said...

misss uu ssoo mmuucchhh ... hehehehe

InViSiBle IzZy said...

rindu awak jugak..sihat skit dah blogku..hmm..

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