Sunday, 18 March 2012

Threshold of SPM result!!

Try to live in a peaceful life ok...

Ohh, in another few days I'll be facing my effort for those two years..I can wait to see it but on the same time I'm NERVOUS..Feels like I want to start it all over again..but THAT maybe too late for now..What the possible things that I can do is only keep faith on myself..I wish I get a second chance..Now, while writing this entry, I still can believe that I'm ALMOST 18th.. seems like yesterday I'm entering the kinder garden to start all of this..now I'm so near to the edge of adult life.. what I do realize now, Spm is not the end or some independence that everybody keep telling..but some experience to show what will you face in the future.. whether the result is good or bad all of us will still continue our journey as long as GOD allows us to..So for all my beloved friends since I was born to this world, nothing else can I say than GOODLUCK with you new remarkable journey.. Being SOMEONE may not easy but being you is the most important things.. Live your life, Don't die before the time come..(* ^,).. May All of us get the life we want..

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