Monday, 12 March 2012

The dream that I let go..

That dream come true and it's happen in every November but I let it go...
We never should regret the decision that we make..that's what everybody always say..but I did..I regret every November..I'm actually a BIG dreamer but my dream come true so I regret and flash it back every November...and I start to build a new dream,, and that November my dream come true but I was to afraid to take it..I was to scared if maybe that dream only my imagination..so I let it go for no reason.. and maybe Allah had arranged some beautiful reality for me  that's why I let it go easily..hm, human..yes, I'm one of it that always not satisfied and when I got it..I doesn't believe it and give it to others.. Others deserved it more than me..I'll find another dream somehow.. Thank you Allah for make me happy once..(*^,)

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